These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding of the whole publication process. Feel free to contact us for further clarification. Your query will be resolved within 10 working hours.

What is self-publishing?
Publishing your work independently without sharing copyright and royalty benefit is self-publishing. It is the most useful and efficient publishing model of the time where the author reserves full rights on the content, controls every aspect of publication, and enjoys 100 % of the net profit from a sale.

How do I obtain an ISBN?
Once your work is finally accepted for publication, we will approach the ISBN agency for obtaining the ISBN number for your book.

Who reserves the copyright of the published book?
The copyright stays with the author. Blue Print Publications acquires no right to your book.

How is self-publishing different from traditional publishing?
Self-publishing is a fully author-centric publishing method as it should be. As opposed to traditional publishing, a self-published author does not have to sign over the copyright and can exercise full authority on the manuscript at every stage of publication.

What can I self-publish?
You can self-publish any kind of fictional or non-fictional work like classic, drama, science fiction, fantasy, legend story, mythology, adventure, horror, action thriller, detective fiction, dystopia, satire, mystery, folklore. Besides these literary genres, more contemporary topics such as biography, essay, memoir, cookbook, a collection of speech, achievers’ stories can also be self-published.

Is self-publishing as effective as conventional publishing?
The value of your work does not lie in how you choose to publish it. It is the choice of your subject, quality of writing, persuasive ability, and readers’ interest in the particular subject that influences the sale and popularity of your book. A huge part of the author’s popularity depends on the publicity of the book. Blue Print Publications covers this vital aspect by offering a bouquet of varied marketing services for a wide reach and recognition that every author deserves.

Tell me about your distribution channels.

Your book will be available on Blue Print Publications for global distribution. We have also partners to distribute your published books. We distribute the books through the world’s leading online and physical distribution channels.

What is your offering & cost for book publication?
We are offering customized publication packages ranging from INR 5000 to INR 10000.